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Venus Morris Griffin is just one of the top producers on the David Knox training platform that will help educate and motivate you and your agents.

Eight years ago Venus was left alone as a single parent with six children, $200,000 in debt, no financial backing and only a part-time real estate income. She faced her fear, overcame adversity, committed to making real estate a “real job” and produced a six-figure income that year. She rose from despair to hope, kept her spirits up and became a top agent generating $1 million in gross commission income.

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Other videos in this series:

  • RL29-1 Life Changing Start
  • RL29-2 Transition Mindset and Actions
  • Rl29-3 Marketing & Branding
  • RL29-4 Generating Sphere of Influence Leads
  • RL29-5 FSBOs and Open Houses
  • RL29-6 Balance and Motivation


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