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Mary Meyerhoff

Operations/Office Manager

Mary is responsible for customer inquiries, CRM systems, shipping, inventory, online technical support, accounting and operations of the day-to-day business. She works with a variety of brokers, owners, agents, developers, duplicators and printers to make sure you get the products and services you need when you need them.

More Team Members

  • Robb Tronson

    Vice President

    Robb has years of experience in developing, managing and monetizing online digital content for David Knox Productions, Inc. In addition, he has extensive experience with video production… Read More

  • Ryan Griffin

    Editor, Graphic Designer, Videographer

    Ryan is a top-notch editor with an emphasis in motion graphic design. In addition, Ryan serves as the director of photography for our high-end consumer videos, as… Read More

  • Erin Gerenev

    Sales & Marketing

    Erin has known David for years and has an extensive sales background with a large internationally known company. Erin handles handles prospecting, sales follow-through and assists with… Read More

  • Rosa Prigan

    Sales & Marketing

    Rosa reaches out to our new subscribers and current members to help them efficiently navigate our training platform.

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