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Pricing Illustrator 3.1


Present, Persuade, Price Properly with
The Pricing Illustrator™
48 Charts & User Guide
New Company Colors / No Password / Personalized PDF

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Present, Persuade, Price Properly with

The Pricing Illustrator 3.1™

Get your listing priced right!

The Pricing Illustrator™ is back! By popular demand from our customers, we have redesigned an improved version 3.1 with new color border options to match most company color, and we removed the need for a password for quicker access. It consists of the same great 48 PDF charts that can be printed or displayed on your laptop to persuade sellers to list with you at the right price.


48 full color PDF charts

Over the years, David has encountered every possible pricing objection–and has designed a dialog and illustration for each one. Now you can respond to any pricing objection sellers raise and show them the importance of pricing properly. (20 of these PDF charts are featured in our consumer DVD “Pricing Your Home to Sell”). The charts are numbered so you can select and print by number. You’ll never again be caught without a response to a seller’s pricing objection.



Teach sellers to price right

85% of learning is visual and the Pricing Illustrator capitalizes on this. By presenting concepts in a clear, concise, visual way, it becomes easy to make your points.


Because a picture is truly worth a thousand words, you’ll save yourself a lot of talking by showing one of these full color, high-impact PDF charts.


Establish your professional imagepi3_agentpresenting.jpg


After your personal appearance, your marketing materials are the next to establish a seller’s impression of you.These charts are professional and polished, so you’ll be proud to show them to sellers and establish yourself as a professional. No more legal pad sketches and dog-eared clippings.



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