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New this month we feature agent Genevieve Stoll, who describes how she got started as a new agent in an unfamiliar area, and what she does to work with buyers in a complicated market.

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Featuring Genevieve Stoll

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We recently had a wide-ranging discussion with agent Genevieve Stoll and are pleased to feature her in Real Estate Live 43. Below you can find descriptions for the first four parts of the series. Look forward to more from Genevieve in the coming months, including how she uses Instagram for her business.

If you’re a new agent wondering “How do I get started?” this video is for you. Genevieve describes how she began her career in a market in which she knew no one and created a successful business using open houses, charity events, blogs, and social media.

Genevieve describes how she guides her buyers through a market of low interest rates, rising prices, high demand, limited listings, and multiple offers, becoming their trusted advisor in the process.

Buyers are taking drastic action to waive contingencies designed to protect them, believing that securing a home is more important. Genevieve describes how she navigates risk to make offers more appealing while still protecting her buyers.

Buyers in this current market are spending more time seeing more homes and writing more offers. Genevieve shares the skills to keep them “in the game” until they successfully secure a home.

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Updated Videos

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As part of our ongoing commitment, we have reshot and updated another group of our older videos to make sure they are current and relevant.

Quick Tip 02 – Here it is 2021 and STILL I’m receiving emails with NO signature, or amateur-looking ones that are unprofessional and not mobile-friendly. This video will help you look more professional and be client-friendly in your email communication. PLEASE PUT A SIGNATURE ON YOUR EMAIL!

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