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In-Depth on Inspections

This month David interviews agent Faina Shapiro to learn how she avoids losing transactions over inspections. To cover all perspectives David also talks to an attorney and a home inspector on this issue. We also continue our new Roleplay series, with Susan Wigler taking on the role of an agent and David a seller who wants to unload a flipped property fast.

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Prepare Buyers for Inspections

Home inspections have the ability to disrupt your real estate transactions. This new series of videos will help you keep your transactions together in spite of a potentially challenging report. Join David as he interviews agent Faina Shapiro, inspector Ron Larson, and attorney Kim Moermond.

Part 1 – Considerations
Part 2 – Selecting an Inspector
Part 3 – Who Should Attend?
Part 4 – Managing Buyer Expectations
Part 5 – Pre-Listing Inspections
Part 6 – Re-Framing and Monetizing
Part 7 – Full Interview with Inspector Ron Larson

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Investor Listing Price Objection

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In this role play demonstration, Susan is an agent and David is a past client who wants to unload a flipped property quickly. See how an agent handles a pricing objection.

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Multiple Offer Presentation

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Susan and David continue their session from Roleplay 3. After overcoming the pricing objection in their first meeting, Susan comes back to David with multiple offers on his property.

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Pre-Listing Inspections

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Reshot and updated this month! Don’t kill the chances of selling your listings due to unknown inspection issues. Getting a pre-listing inspection is one of the smartest things you can do in this market. You will learn the benefits of doing pre-listing inspections and how to persuade your sellers to do them.

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