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Dave Liniger started his career about the same time I started mine. Our paths shared some similar turns and mutual mentors, but it wasn’t until 1990 that our paths crossed.

I was invited to be the closing speaker at the 1990 RE/MAX convention in Orlando, FL. This closing spot was the second most honorable slot next to Dave’s opening slot. I still remember the telephone call inviting me to participate, and to this day it is my most memorable career highlight to have received a standing ovation from 4,000 real estate agents. It was at this convention that I met Dave and could see in his personality the spark that built his company.

At each successive convention I got to know him a little better. He would include me in dinners and invite me back stage at events to meet the corporate family and other presenters. We discovered our mutual interest in car racing he in NASCAR and I in SCCA. I was the only one allowed to sit in the race car he had on display and I considered that to be a real honor. While giving a seminar in Colorado, Dave invited me to Pikes Peak race track where he was testing his cars for the upcoming race. He gave me and my wife a very fast ride in his street car around the track.

In 1994 he started RSN, Remax Satellite Network, to deliver training to his offices. I was honored to be invited to be one of its first speakers. When we discussed the viability he said: “I don’t know the answers yet because I don’t even know the questions!” This is where I learned a valuable lesson. Believe in the goal and the answers will reveal themselves. Today the network is one of his most successful ventures.

When I was hospitalized from a snowmobile crash, he and the RE/MAX team were the first to sent cards and letters of well wishes.

I am grateful for the day he invited me to join him for a tour of his Wildlife Experience museum, race shop and Sanctuary golf course that he uses to raise money for charity. He ended the day with a golf cart race against me on a dark night through the golf course sprinklers!

There are those who only see his public side. They will see his NASCAR racing, world record attempt at balloon racing or his outgoing personality. I have had the privilege to see his private side as an honorable gentleman who has helped me in times of challenge, a philanthropist who quietly donates his time and resources to those in need and a business man who cares deeply about his employees and agents.

Dave has been a valued friend and client for many years. Thank you, Dave.

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