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Securing and Converting Leads

Technology is a wonderful tool for attracting leads, managing the process and following up systematically. This seminar answers the question: “What do I do when it works?” The fundamental selling skills of interacting with people must be practiced in this virtual world. This seminar will focus on techniques for converting leads from these key sources:

Being good vs. being there

Methods vs. Mindset

Setting up systems and time blocking

Prospect activity log

Questioning skills to qualify and convert prospects

How to get more referrals from you Sphere of Influence

Open house prospect conversion

For Sale by Owner

Calls, clicks and texts

Canvassing neighborhoods

Expired listings

Breaking into the upscale market

Mastering Leads & Listings

To earn a stable income in a changing market, agents need to work the side of scarcity, which means securing listings. This seminar focuses on prospecting methods and lead conversion as well as improving presentation skills in listing interview.

Respond to prospects who are IN the market

Reach out to prospects who are OUT of the market

Discipline, systems and persistence

How to respond to leads and reach out to new clients

Increase referrals from your Sphere of Influence and past clients

Time-based questioning

Questions that turn prospects into clients

Pre-listing activities for a positive first impression

Mental preparation and the first five minutes

The listing timeline: when do sellers decide?

How to establish trust and rapport in the first few minutes

Seller counseling skills that uncover real motivation

An 8-step listing presentation that sets you apart

What is your point of difference?

Need – Feature – Benefit presentations

Close for the decision

Respond to objections

Mastering Your Listing Presentation

The actual listing presentation is the most important job interview in real estate, yet many agents lack an organized, seller-focused plan. In this seminar agents will gain confidence by having a plan that follows the seller’s needs, presents benefits, is delivered in a logical sequence and ends by closing for the listing.

Follow sellers decisions

Pre-listing activities

Pre-qualifying questions

Establish trust and rapport

Determine motivation & urgency


Determine sellers’ opinion of value

What are their expectations of an agent

Need – Feature – Benefit

What’s your difference?

Demonstrate the 8- Step Marketing Process

Ask for the listing

What Is Closing

Assertive vs. Aggressive

Get P.A.I.D. for Objections


Get Your Listings…Priced Right

A listing priced right is half sold. This seminar contains the best methods for securing a listing at the right price to begin with as well as how to secure a price reduction on a current listing. Agents will learn how to organize their market data, develop creative presentation examples, determine their true motivation, overcome the most common pricing objections and persuade sellers to list at market value.

What’s the problem, Pricing or Motivation?

Delay the tour of the property to delay the discussion of price

Do they want to SELL…or STAY?

Realty Reality Reporting

CMA as an X-ray

Present market data

Show them the Competition

What is the Market Trend?

Pricing strategies for a changing market

Internal vs. External influences

Absorption Rate

Sale to List Ratio

“But we need the money.”

“We can always come down.”

“Couldn’t we just try it for a couple of weeks?”

“We’ve had a higher appraisal.”

“They can always make an offer.”

Buying up in a down market

Steps to a Price Reduction

Are You a Messenger or a Negotiator?

Negotiation is one of the most important skills of a real estate agent. Instead of merely relating the wishes of one party to the other, agents must provide objective standards and realistic feedback to assure that parties don’t allow their position to interfere with their interests. Agents will learn the skills of effective negotiation to move parties closer to agreement while representing their client’s interests. Major points:

Get Ready to Negotiate

Remove Barriers to Negotiation

Example of a messenger vs. negotiator

Manage expectations

Question their position

Focus on client interests

Provide an objective standard

Help parties see the opposite position

Feedback vs. Advice

Law of Contrast

Four Steps to Handling Resistance

Value Added Selling…How to Avoid the Commissionectomy

One of the most difficult situations in real estate is when a seller asks an agent to cut commission. Do you cut your fee and lose profit, or hold firm and lose the listing? There is a better way; sell value, maintain strength and ask good questions. Major points are:

Are you serious about getting every listing?

Reducing your fee is NOT a way to increase income

You won’t make it up in volume

Five ways to respond: Strength, Value, Difference, Dialog, Net

Build a Foundation of Strength

Value deserves Reward

Deliver Value

Sell Difference

Is it a Request …or a Refusal

Pause, Acknowledge, Isolate, Discover

Sell NET, not Fee

Performance Gain Exceeds Fee Savings

Answer the objection

Handling other fee-cut situations

Limit Concessions

Show them the money

Techniques for Converting Buyers to Sales

To earn income with buyers, you must work with those how are highly motivated, qualified, loyal to you. If they have a home to sell, then they can be the source of two transactions. Yet many agents waste time showing homes for weeks or months only to lose them to another agent or never have them commit to a purchase. In this seminar, agents will learn how to select, train, qualify and motivate buyers to buy, buy now and buy from them. Topics include:

How to convert buyer calls to appointments

The three critical questions to ask any buyer

Setting up a buyer counseling session

When and where to meet

Open vs. Closed questions

Key interview questions and topics

Getting past reasons to motivation

Loyalty and Agency discussions

Prepare the buyers to buy

Manage expectations of looking time, offer price, number of homes to see

Psychology of showing sequence

Play “The Price is Right” to teach market value

Tips for better showings, key guidelines

Debriefing guidelines to avoid property overload

How to trial close to determine acceptance

Closing techniques and questions

How to secure a winning offer

Writing for a multiple offer situation

P.A.I.D. approach to objections

Objection exercise that will clarify all buyer resistance

Prevent buyer’s remorse

Values-Based Life Planning and Goal Setting

Personal accountability is the basis for success in life and business. To experience this internal motivation, you must be in touch with your emotional values, clear on your goals then focus on the objectives of achievement.

This seminar is contains workshops and exercises that lead you to answer the three questions of performance: “What do you want?” “Why do you want it?” and “How will you accomplish it?”

The best part of the seminar happens when it’s over and your belief and awareness attracts to you the resources you need. Topics include:

Overview of Values, Goals and Objectives

Values exercise

Is seeing believing or is believing seeing?

How to overcome Self-Limiting beliefs

Comfort Zones


Guides to goal setting

Affirmations and Visualization

Action steps

Risk and Setbacks: Reward-Experience-Learning

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